Marvilene Hagopian

Marvilene was employed at the Reading Lions Center/California Technical Assistance Center for Reading First for 10 years. As a curriculum specialist, she directed the development of 6-week and end-of-year assessments for California’s state-adopted reading programs. The tests covered key reading components: phonemic awareness, letter naming, phonics, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, fluency, and writing. School districts across California used these informative tests in English (grades K-6) and Spanish (grades K-3). She analyzed student data across schools, districts, and the state.

The Parent Sessions

The Parent Sessions provide information parents need to know to help teach their children reading and spelling at home. If you are a parent or an educator interested in learning more about evidence-based reading instruction these videos are a valuable resource.

Foundational Literacy: Evidence-based Workbooks for Every Skill Set.

Collapsible content

Evidence-based reading and spelling lessons designed to optimize learning.

Systematic, explicit instruction with ongoing review and practice to promote mastery of skills and concepts.

Comprehensive approach addresses important reading and spelling skills such as: phonemic awareness, letter recognition, letter formation, phonics, decoding, encoding, and fluency.

Creative Writing sections support the development of written expression.

By breaking down complex language concepts into smaller, manageable components, Structured Literacy empowers students with a deep understanding of the reading process, enabling them to become confident and proficient readers and writers.